Dear Kids – The Wise Bladder

Dear kids,

This will happen to you in the future: you’re ready to get in the car, but you kind of have to pee. Do you hold it until you get to your destination or do you delay your departure and go now?

Every time I find myself with this choice I remember a friend of mine, who very well may recognize herself in this post, but who I will never personally ‘out’.

She found herself pregnant, stuck in traffic, and having to pee. Immediately. With her husband at the wheel, her small son in the back seat, and no end to the traffic in sight, she did what she had to do. She grabbed the diaper bag, pulled out a diaper, dropped trou, and peed. Blessed relief.

So, when I find myself at such a crossroads, I ask myself if the few minutes I would save are really worth it. And if I don’t have the diaper bag with me, it’s a given; the wise bladder uses the toilet at hand.

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