Fun with Kids – Imagination Box

Imagination Box

After our recent move we had a lot of boxes. A LOT. They were everywhere. We still have several hanging about…empty and brooding.

On a rainy day, I pulled out two of the biggest boxes, got out the crayons, and let the kids go nuts.


Kitten loved this…LOVED this. First she just colored, then she made a house, then it was a cave, then it was a car, and finally it was a space ship. She took that spaceship to Mars and back about twenty times (she kept forgetting something back on Earth). It was awesome to see her imagination firing on all cylinders. Atta girl!

Space ship!'s raining on Mars too.

Space ship! …it’s raining on Mars too.

…And then she packed her brother up in his box and tried to throw him away…atta girl?

wpid-20130810_114149.jpg  wpid-20130810_105439.jpg

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