Fun with Kids – Floam


I had seen this on Pinterest and really wanted to try it. I love ‘oobleck’ (corn starch and water – so cool. You’ve got to try it), so I thought that I would enjoy this concoction. It is literally just corn starch and shaving cream. I added the food coloring for fun…and because I had just enough left of the blue to be annoying and not good for anything else.


You kind of mush it around until it gets to a good consistency – pliable, yet firm. It’s not an exact science. Just stop when you like what you’ve got.


The kids had a ball – literally and figuratively. They smooshed it, rolled it, stabbed it with sticks, and threw it around. Since it cost practically nothing and we were outside I just let them loose. You can store this stuff if you like, but I knew I was just going to chuck it when they were done.


Good times!!

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