Dear Parents – The Choices You Make

Dear Parents,

Frequently as parents, we have to make important choices. Well, here’s one less you can stress over. If you must choose between helping your child out of an awkward situation or running for the camera to capture that awkward situation forever…get the camera. Every time.

IMG_1433 IMG_5922 IMG_5384 IMG_4731 IMG_4468 20130914_105435 IMG_0219 wpid-20130803_143222.jpg Caption this 2        EVERY. TIME.

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6 thoughts on “Dear Parents – The Choices You Make

  1. I love this so much and totally needed it today! Thank you!

  2. Ceil Fessler

    After looking at the pictures, I would have to agree with you Meg. EVERY TIME!

  3. Especially love the paint on the wall! Overall great ones 😀

  4. yes! this happened to me this wknd. My kids were playing in my son’s room while I made lunch and when I walked in to check on them I found this

    …and even thoug he was naughty, I had to get a pic first then get him down and say, “no no buddy, we don’t climb up there” 🙂

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