Dear Kids – Under the Table and Dreaming

Dear Kids,

Occasionally your father and I are brave enough to take you two out to dinner. It’s not that you’re rotten kids, it’s just that your table manners are a work-in-progress. We’re working on things like inside voices, staying seated, and not staring at the other patrons…to name a few.

To be fair to Kitten, she is light years ahead of Buddy, and to be fair to Buddy…he’s two. But, in general it is not exactly a relaxing dinner experience with you two in tow.

Which is why when you two occasionally slip underneath the table for a lost fork or just to pretend it’s a castle, I don’t say a dang thing. For a few sweet moments I pretend Daddy and I are on a date. It’s why I always try to get a booth; sometimes even the staff don’t know where you’ve gone. It’s why sometimes I’ll let your crayons fall just so you can go under and fetch them.

Coping mechanisms, my friends; we’ve all got our own methods.

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4 thoughts on “Dear Kids – Under the Table and Dreaming

  1. I’ve yet to take my 2 out to dinner. No. Way.

  2. I’ll give that a go next time! We go out at least once a week with an almost 6 yr old & 2 yr old. Maybe I’ll just encourage the under the table fun and just bring lots of Wet Ones 😉

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