Dear Kids – The Legend of the Almond

Dear Kids,

These crisp fall days, pie-making season, and chatter about how much snow we might get this year, have all put me in mind of a family legend; the legend of the almond.

Your father’s family has strong Norse roots and they carry on the Norse tradition of Christmas riskrem. Riskrem is a rice pudding desert often served with a red, grape sauce. In the Norse tradition, on Christmas Eve the matron of the family portions out the riskrem in secret and hides a blanched (white) almond in one of the cups. The family is called for desert and each select their portion. The person who finds the almond in their cup will have good luck in the new year!

In your father’s family, however, the tradition is a little different. For several generations now, if a woman of child-bearing years finds the almond, she will become pregnant in the new year. Many of your father’s cousins – and even your father, himself – are “almond babies”.

On Christmas Eve 2007 I found the almond in my riskrem. 3 months later I was pregnant with Kitten. Long live the almond!

Almond Joy almost fully cooked.

“I ate desert last Christmas and now look!”

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4 thoughts on “Dear Kids – The Legend of the Almond

  1. Dennis Joyner

    Meg…Too cute! Are you going to eat anymore almonds????? LOL! Hugs, Aunt ‘Nita

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