Dear Kids – Tree Climbing

Dear Kids,

Climbing trees is an integral part of childhood. Getting bark-prints in your hands and knees and bits of leaf in your hair and mouth are the badges of a childhood well spent.

It’s why I’m so happy that we happy that we have a plethora of climbable trees at our new home. The woman that owned the home before us obviously had a thing for dogwoods. When we got the house there were no less than 29 on the property.We have since thinned the herd.

They were all planted at different times, so they are all varying heights – perfect for varying levels of tree-climbing skills! At the moment we are tackling the smaller variety…




…with varying levels of success.

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2 thoughts on “Dear Kids – Tree Climbing

  1. Therese Boris

    I remember climbing and hiding in the leafy “fort” of the horse chestnut tree we had at our house growing up. It was a great place to be alone…until someone inevitably discovered me and spoiled the adventure. Love your pics of the kids, Meg! Terri

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