Fun with Kids – Tissue Box Saver

Tissue Box Saver

I – like 99.9% of parents – keep a box of tissues in my vehicle. I have a van, so I keep the tissues on the floor between the two front seats. When Kitten was a toddler, this cardboard box on the floor was sufficient barrier to deter her from going up to the dashboard and touching every button on it causing my car to erupt in wipers, radio, and lights when I next turned on my car. She didn’t want to step on the box.

Buddy, however, has no such compulsions. He doesn’t even register that it was ever in his way. Consequently, my trusty box of tissues is frequently reduced to a two-dimensional object mashed in to the van’s carpeting. You want a tissue? Hold on, let me re-constitute one for you…

Then, low, the bible of all things crafty was opened (read: I went to Pinterest) and I discovered the Tissue Box Saver. Some genius out there thought, “hey! This Tupperware container is roughly the same size as my tissue box! I wonder…” And awesomeness was born,

Behold, the awesomeness!

Behold, the awesomeness!

Unfortunately, this won’t stop Buddy from messing with my dashboard buttons. Personally, I blame the car industry for making that hazard light button so damned attractive to little hands. It’s like a freaking toddler beacon!

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