Dear Kids – Kiddie Rakes, Or My Indentured Servitude

Dear Kids,

It’s leaf-raking season! We just moved to a house with lots of trees and you two are getting your first real taste of leaf-pile jumping. It is pure awesomeness.

It reminds me of the autumns of my childhood. When my sister and I were just a bit older than you guys – about 5 and 7 – my father gifted us with little kid-sized rakes. What fun! We proudly marched in to the yard with our parents and battled the leaves…for about 5 minutes. Where upon we decided that raking was hard. Very hard. And we wanted to play. Foolish, foolish children.

This was when my father informed us that the rakes weren’t toys; they were tools. And we were meant to use the tools. Or else.

But it was hard, we said, and we were so little, we said.

That’s great! Dad said, the rakes are little too. Perfect for little rakers!

Curses! we said.

Every fall we were called upon to use our little rakes and do our part. When the little rakes wore down, we were terribly excited. Yes! The tool is broken! The curse is over! Foolish, foolish children.

Dad simply bought bigger, stronger rakes for his bigger, stronger rakers.

Now that I have children and leaves of my own I can not help but wonder…where the heck can I get me some little, tiny rakes?



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3 thoughts on “Dear Kids – Kiddie Rakes, Or My Indentured Servitude

  1. That’s one bad/good thing about the deep south: No fall leaves. Or not enough to fool with raking, anyway.

  2. Therese Boris

    Hi Meg, Love your ramblings about leaf raking. Now that I’m older, have my OWN place, and am maybe a bit wiser, I can honestly say that raking the leaves (hard work though it be) is one of my favorite yard chores. I love working in the cold generating my own body heat, piling up the fluffy (or soggy) little storehouses of energy that generated so much beauty, shade, movement and color during the hot summer months. The cycle of life never more apparent and I feel a part of that eternal rhythm when I willingly pile them into the composting bin. I’m sure I wouldn’t be quite so quixotic about this enterprise if I still had a family to manage along with a full-time career, however. Oh well. There is a season for everything, as they say. Guess this is my season. Love you! Terri

    • Enjoy it! We have had a great time plopping the kids in to the leaf piles and finding so many leaves on the floors, we may have to rake the inside of the house too! 🙂

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