Dear Kids – Dog People

Dear Kids,

…and just like that, we are dog people!

New besties

New besties

This new pup is teaching you guys sharing, responsibility, and gentleness. He has – in his short time with us so far – brought down blood pressures and increased smiles. On top of all that he is so dang fluffy!

So, despite waking up multiple times in a night to ‘I have to go pee NOW’ whines and ‘I can’t believe you left me alone’ whines, this whole puppy thing has been a great decision for the whole family. I’m excited to watch you three grow up together!

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4 thoughts on “Dear Kids – Dog People

  1. You. Are. So. Brave.
    I break out into cold sweats if someone looks at me and thinks about offering me a plant to take care of.

  2. Fun!! I want a puppy…but already have two adult dogs, one senior. But I don’t want more kids so may have to indulge with a pup šŸ˜‰

    • My husband and I always said that if one day we wanted another kid, we would get a dog first. So here he is: our third kid šŸ™‚

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