Dear Kids – Don’t Judge; Black Friday and Why People Do It

Dear Kids,

It’s Black Friday, a day that draws up images of people crushing through the doors of stores at 4 am to buy discount Christmas presents; stories of trampled shoppers and fisticuffs in the aisles. So, why would anyone do it when you could be sleeping off turkey and playing with the kids?

Some people just plain like to shop. Some people resell what they buy to make a buck. But honestly, for most of those dedicated shoppers it is because this is how they make Christmas happen; this is how they can make miracles out of their Christmas budgets.

So, decide for yourself if Black Friday is for you. And wether or not you decide to go out there, don’t judge the people that do. There is a reason they get up early on their day off and brave the stores, and that reason is probably asleep at home under an Elmo comforter.

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4 thoughts on “Dear Kids – Don’t Judge; Black Friday and Why People Do It

  1. It must be the excitement that attracts shoppers. I have been hearing about Black Friday but never knew what it is, now I know from your blog!

    • Glad I could solve a mystery for you! I really don’t like crowds, so I don’t go myself, but it really is a great way to stretch your Christmas budget. The sales are sometimes ridiculous!

  2. yes, like I said in some comments on my haiku about this. (ha, that sentence sounded funny), I am all for a sale and those few that truly NEED that sale, I say go for it. However, the whole nightmare of the event that has become a pseudo-holiday is what is completely ridiculous; the unending need for stuff so much so that people are getting shot (like Nancy mentioned happened in Vegas). It is really despicable the lengths people go to for material items. Those few that are legit and trying to make their kids have a lovely Christmas, I can empathize, I just worry for their safety. something needs to change in our society so that they can have a nice Christmas without the Black Friday madness, it gives America and the season a bad name.

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