Dear Buddy – Commando

Dear Buddy,

Yesterday morning Daddy casually suggested that maybe you should ditch the pull-ups. And ditch them you did!

Unfortunately, it turned out that we did not have any big boy underpants for you to wear instead. So, you went commando. All day.

This was actually working really well until you made ‘poop face’ – every parent knows what this is and can spot their kid’s poop face at 20 yards. You made yours at Papa’s house in the afternoon.

I immediately whisked you off to the bathroom and plopped you on the john. You peed but did not poop. I checked your pants. No poop. I checked the floor. No poop. I checked your pants again. No poop! Was I wrong? Was that not poop face?

I shrugged it off and helped you off the pot. You pulled your pants up like a big boy and suddenly little balls of poop began rolling out of your pant legs like rocks down the mountain. It was like Vegas gone wrong – your pants were paying out…in poop!

Honestly, I laughed. It was so bizarre! “Are you smuggling goats?? Where did all these poop pellets come from??”

After cleaning up the poop we decided that for logistical reasons, underpants were definitely needed. ASAP!

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2 thoughts on “Dear Buddy – Commando

  1. Terri Boris

    Meg. Do you think your kids are going to read these blogs someday? If so, I hope you blog about their reaction to this one! Terri

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