Dear Buddy – Stamp Act

Dear Buddy,

Yesterday you got busted for stamping on the wall. You took your sister’s pink Hello Kitty rubber stamp and went to town. I was less than impressed with your artistic expression.

I have told you before not to write on the walls, draw on the walls, paint on the walls or even sticker on the walls. I forgot “do not stamp on the walls.” Lesson learned. Be insanely specific.

For future reference, please also do not mark on the walls, free hand on the walls, doodle, sketch, or draft on the walls. Do not illustrate, illuminate, or ink on the walls. No pointillism, impressionism, or realism. Do not transfer any material in any way to the surface of our walls without permission. Clear?

Sorry for cramping your style, but at the moment your style sucks. Check with me again in ten years.

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2 thoughts on “Dear Buddy – Stamp Act

  1. A) I’m bummed you didn’t include pictures.
    B) Stella would LOVE this. All things HK are the bestest!

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