Dear Smart Phones – Thank You

Dear Smart Phones,

Almost every weekend my husband and I have to get something done while we have the kids in tow; pick up milk, return a garment, go to the bank – something. It is usually at these times that the children decide to have complete meltdowns or develop a severe case of ants in their pants.

Smart Phone to the rescue! With your tiny little screen glowing in my children’s faces, at least one parent has been able to accomplish the required task. I don’t relish sharing you with my sticky-fingered children, but desperate times call for desperate measures. And you, dear friend, are a life saver!

So, thank you, Smart Phone for you service and sacrifice. I promise to clean you up later.


P.S. – I’m sorry for that time when Buddy reprogrammed you to Spanish and locked your screen horizontally. It was a rough two days.

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One thought on “Dear Smart Phones – Thank You

  1. Terri Boris

    Darling pic! Love the lighting. Terri

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