Dear Buddy – No Bite

Dear Buddy,

Let me set the scene for you…

My cell phone rings. I pause in my work and glance at it – the school is calling. My stomach sinks.

“Good Morning, Mrs. DeBoe!”

“Ya, hi. What’s wrong?”

“Everybody is fine, but I did need to let you know that Buddy bit someone. Hard. He broke the skin.” Crap. “You don’t need to pick him up, but he will be shadowed by a teacher for the rest of the day.”

This is the fourth bite in a week. You are officially a “biter”. I really thought we had avoided this phase. Crap.

Kitten bit once when she was your age. For weeks she came home with incident reports that she had been bitten. Then, one day there was a report that she had bitten someone. And just like that, she was never bitten again. I was actually proud of her for standing up for herself and putting a stop to the biting.

Unfortunately, now I’m the mother of the offender. It sucks on this side. Maybe I should pay a kid to bite you?

The problem is, Buddy, you think you are a puppy. You crawl on all fours when you play and you have starting barking as much as you talk. I think you licked me goodbye yesterday.

You. Are. Not. A. Puppy. Stop biting your friends!

So, blogosphere – any tricks for getting a kid to stop biting? I’m considering covering all his friends in hot sauce – I hear that works for nail biters…

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3 thoughts on “Dear Buddy – No Bite

  1. No idea…the only thing I’ve ever heard which I could never do it bite them back. Seems to be some medieval advice there 😉

    • It worked for my daughter, actually. She was getting bitten almost every day for weeks. One day the I got a report that SHE had bitten someone, and just like that the biting stopped! I’m seriously considering slipping a kid a fiver to give Buddy a good chomp…

      • Oh yeah, I could handle another kid teaching the lesson but I can’t imagine myself saying “this is for your own good and because I love you” then baring my teeth to take a chunk, just doesn’t jive for me. Ha!

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