Dear Kitten – Gift Girl

Dear Kitten,

Your birthday is fast upon us! Therefore, I am being asked constantly what you would like for your birthday. Frequently I answer: anything. And this is true.

You like everything. If you could, you would pick up Toys’R’Us whole, put it in your pocket and be happy. You like ponies, dinosaurs, princesses, pirates, stuffed animals, balls, dolls, blocks – name it, you like it. It would be almost impossible for you to be disappointed in something plastic or plush.

You are picky about many things: your clothes (you’ll wear anything…unless someone else suggested it), your food (you only like certain foods when Capricorn is aligned with Venus, and then you’ll want your share, my share, and Buddy’s share, but never eat it again)and your hair (which we are never to touch or talk about). But toys? Stuffed animals? “Bring me your used and down trodden, your new and wrapped, your cuddled masses!”

You love them all. Especially if there’s any chance Buddy wanted it too.

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