Dear Puppy – Pacifier

Dear Puppy,

The other day we babysat my niece, Tater Tot. I walked in to the living room and saw this:



It was adorable…and bizarre. Justifiably, Ms. Tater wanted her paci back. Immediately. So, I took it back and discovered this:



Not being one to let a humorous photo-op pass me by, I supplied both subjects with new pacifiers and got this gem:

Jack pot!

Jack pot!

And then immediately took the paci from the you, Puppy, before Buddy found out. I may have even washed it.

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5 thoughts on “Dear Puppy – Pacifier

  1. I try really hard not to think about the secret life of pacifiers. I just don’t want to know where all they’ve been when I’m not looking and they’re not in my kid’s mouth.

  2. Terri Boris

    Meg, How is Cooper doing with his allergies and Charlie?

  3. Jackpot indeed! haha

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