Dear Kitten – Squirrel

Dear Kitten,

The other day a good friend of mine came over. I went outside to greet her and you promptly followed me. You were so excited to have company that you began dancing around us babbling about a million things.

My friend said, “My, she’s a bit all over the place, eh?”

I said, “Ya, kids have the attention span of a peanut.”

At which point you bust in with, “AndIwannacatwithwhitespotsandI’llnamehimSparklesand – SQUIRREL!” And you were off like a shot to chase that squirrel.

My friend stood there with her mouth open, “Holy crap, that actually happened.”

Yup. Yup, it did.

Photo credit: Microsoft

Photo credit: Microsoft

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2 thoughts on “Dear Kitten – Squirrel

  1. Seriously LOL!!

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