Dear Kids – 23andMe

Dear Kids,

Recently I sent away for and received a 23andMe kit. 23andMe is a genealogy test kit that will tell you what your ancestral roots are and link you to other people you are related to. I am big in to genealogy research, so I was really excited to participate.

Something I didn’t know about the test is that you can opt-in to the 23andWe research program. Those who wish can allow their saliva samples to help with genetic research, disease research, and drug research. Sign me up!

I was so excited to know that my tiny vile of spit could help scientific research! I’m suddenly bigger than myself. I’m part of something global. It’s so neat!

Plus, if you want to you can to take like a million surveys. This isn’t an attractive way to spend time for most people, but I am addicted to them. “Yes, I would like to find out which Smurf I’m most like!” “Yes, I would like to calculate my muggleness.” – That’s me. I don’t know why, but I love answering questions about myself. Narcissism? Who cares! Bring on the quizzes!

And they have a lot of them. You can take as many as you like, or none at all. The surveys will give the researchers more accurate research results and they cover things like pregnancy & labor, skin cancer, and eyesight. Each quiz takes 3-20 minutes. It’s what I do now while sitting with my kids while they watch Mickey’s Christmas for the 50th time. And somehow, I feel like I’m being productive because somewhere out there is a person who gives a crap about my answers.

Yay me!



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11 thoughts on “Dear Kids – 23andMe

  1. Let us know what you find out! I’m always interested in that kind of stuff, too, but am skeptical as to whether it’s worth the time and $$.

    • Ya, I was on the fence because of the expense, but another family member of mine said he did it and if more of the family do it we may be able to discover what happened to our long-lost great grandfather who disappeared without a trace in 1929. I’ll keep you posted 😉

  2. I just got the same kit – just for my daughter as she is having medical problems! I am eager to hear what you find out!

    • I’m really curious about the health report too! Unfortunately, the FDA suspended that portion of the report until further notice. Ugh.

  3. Yes. I know. 😦 Stupid FDA! Luckily my daughter’s doctor does not need that part. She said she needs the “actual data.” So we are supposed to go to Then there is a little key that says download your 23andme data here and then you press that button then it asks you for $20 and then it you can print the report. That is what the doctor said – I have not done this yet. In fact, I have not sent in the 23andme test kit yet. We just got it Friday.,

    • What kind of info does that report give you?

      • I am really not sure yet what the report is for. I think she said it will list “genetic mutations” which can affect how well she excretes toxins and how certain drugs affect her. I will let you know what the doctor tells me after she looks at the report.

  4. My friend did this and I was thinking about it. Let me know what you find out!

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