Dear Kitten – By the Book

Dear Kitten,

You are insane about directions. You want to follow them to the letter or you get very upset. If we did something one way, one time, then that is the way it is done…forever. If there are steps, no one had better skip one. If there is a picture of the final product, it had better match…exactly.

Case in point:

We had to redo the roof because Buddy had foolishly applied the sticker shingles willy nilly and, you know, had FUN. You don’t have fun unless everyone stays within the lines.

Seriously, sweetie, you are becoming an accountant before my eyes.

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7 thoughts on “Dear Kitten – By the Book

  1. I think she did an excellent job. There is nothing wrong with OCD. Everything has a place that it should go. She is just being kind to put it exactly in that spot. As a slightly OCD person myself, I see nothing wrong with this at all. 😉

    • The girl is doomed. OCD on one side if the family and accountants on the other. I won’t say which side is mine, but I do go cross-eyed if you ask me to work out a tip.

  2. Mary Jones

    Be sure NOT to tell her that the left side of the roof has 6 peppermints and the right side only as 5… just sayin’…

  3. Terri Boris

    Oh, but the results are sooo pretty! You go, Kitten! Terri

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