Top Dog

Dear Buddy & Puppy,

You guys are too cute! I know that manly men and dogs the likes of you two don’t want to hear that, but there it is. You’re adorable together.


The most amusing thing you two do is the wrestling. I don’t think either of you realize that Buddy is not, in fact, another puppy. Therefore, you two frequently pounce on each other out of the blue, thus kicking off a match. The match is won when one of you pins the other. Then you reset and begin again or just walk off casually.



It is hilarious! We often cheer for the literal or figurative underdog, as the case may be. It’s currently my favorite sport to watch. Never stop 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Top Dog

  1. The first picture is just “awwww” ❤ and the next too: LOL 😀 You surely don't need a TV!

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