Fun with Houses – Door Vents

Door Vents

The last two houses we have lived in there has been central air throughout but only one large return vent outside of the bedrooms. This means at night with the doors closed that the bedrooms have absolutely no circulation. They are hot in the winter and cold in the summer – which sounds good, but really isn’t. It just means constant finagling of the thermostat at Oh God:30 in the morning.

So, we decided what we needed was holes in our doors. I decided that I would reclaim my inner handy-woman and tackle this project. Enter, the power tools:

I am woman, hear me drill.

I am woman, hear me drill.

I bought some standard vent covers, but had to mutilate them so I could fit two back to back on either side of the door.



Next, I simply cut an appropriately sized hole and screwed the vents in place. Viola! Vented bedrooms for proper circulation.


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4 thoughts on “Fun with Houses – Door Vents

  1. Terri Boris

    I’m proud of you, Meg! It feels so good to tackle problems like this and come through successfully. Wish me luck on changing out the dimmer switch (which my CFL lights do not like) in my dining room to a regular toggle switch. I’m terrified of being electrocuted… If you don’t hear from me for several days, call the undertaker.

  2. You are so handy! Seriously need you to come out for a “vacation” to my house! I need a partner in crime. You are a lot more brave than I am to just try stuff.

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