Look, Ma! No Tape!

Dear Kitten,

The other night we watched a kid’s science show before bed, full of ‘did you knows’ and ‘isn’t that amazings’. You eat that stuff up. You are super happy with an hour of science cartoons – it’s totally awesome.

At bedtime, while tucking you in, I pushed on the middle of your back with my finger and said, “Did you know that this is called your spine, and it runs all the way from your neck [poke] down to your butt [poke] [giggle]? The part by your butt is called your tailbone.”

“Like my Spots Puppy’s tail?” you asked. Thankfully, your stuffed dog has a little nub of a tail, perfect for this demonstration.

“Yup! And did you know that when you were born, you broke mine?” I couldn’t resist. It hurt like hell. “It was accident. I got better.” Mostly.

“Ya, God fixed it! Without tape! Like magic!”

Science, faith, and whimsy. You go girl 🙂

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