Dear Kitten – Steal Trap

Dear Kitten,

The other night at bedtime you were playing with two white stuffed bears. You said they were sisters. You said that you were all going to have a sleepover. I said, “You know, Aunt Bethie is my sister and we had sleepovers every night because we shared a bedroom.”

You perked right up and said, “I shared my room with Aunt Bethie once!” You did? “She slept in my room and I slept in Cooper’s room on the floor in my tent. I had a pillow and a blanket and a flashlight.”

By God, you’re right! That’s absolutely true. You were 2.5 years old. 2.5 years old!! How the hell do you remember that??

This is so unfair. I can’t even remember if I had breakfast today…

Smarty Pants

Smarty Pants

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One thought on “Dear Kitten – Steal Trap

  1. That is wild. My first memory is at 4!!

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