The Real World: Suburbia

Dear kids,

At our new house, we have some very nice back fence neighbors. The kind that’ll take a moment out of their yard work to say hello and pass a plate of homemade Christmas cookies across the fence to you. Super sweet.

Mr. and Mrs. Neighbor are in their seventies, retired, and ready and willing to show you pictures of all their grandchildren. Actually, they’ve given me labeled copies.

The other day while chatting over the fence, Mrs. Neighbor told me how excited she is to have a young family in this house again. “We have so much fun watching the activity in your back yard; the kids playing on the swing set, the dog chasing his ball, you guys fixing the place up. We’re home all day and it’s nice to watch you guys getting on.”

Now, on one hand I’m fine with having a set of eyes watching over our house all day. And, it’s nice to know that the kids won’t get a way with shenanigans with Mr. and Mrs. Neighbor keeping a friendly eye on things. However…whenever I go outside now I feel like I’m starring in a low budget reality show. Very low budget.

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3 thoughts on “The Real World: Suburbia

  1. Yeeeeeeah. Good but creepy.

  2. I can’t get Rockwell’s “Somebody’s watching me” out of my head. Ha!!

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