Ice…and Other Types of Water

Dear Kids,

We took you skating! Yay! Except for when it wasn’t yay…

This was Kitten’s first time ice skating. She was excited all day to go ice skating.  Daddy hedged his bets and bought her a used set of skates for ice skating. And….she hates ice skating. Cried all the way around the rink…twice. Pleasant.

This was also Buddy’s first time ice skating. He did impressively well. He laughed his butt off all the way around the rink, a good 6 laps. His feet never stop moving; you can tell he just wanted to go fast. Daddy was very happy!

When we had to get off the ice so they could clean it mid-skate, I took Buddy to the bathroom. If you thought he had bad balance in shoes, you should have seen him in skates – weeble woobles come to mind. Which is why he managed to fall in to the toilet…hands first…twice. Lovely.

Despite all that, the boys had a ball on the ice and the girls had a lovely time sitting in the observatory sharing ice cream. Win-win!


Kitten before she realized skating is a death trap (apparently).


Buddy digging on his new sport.

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10 thoughts on “Ice…and Other Types of Water

  1. Glad they weren’t new skates! But might she warm up to it (no pun intended)?

    Out of interest, how old is your boy? Just wondering if I should try and take my daughter when next I take my son, based on your experiences.

  2. Buddy is just awesome, toilet hands first, twice…! Sounds like the little kamikaze boy we have. And our boy actually did better on skates than his older sister too, wonder if they are not old enough to be afraid? Or then Kitten was just clever enough to know how to get icecream…

  3. I introduced Stella to roller skating recently. She had a ball even if my husband thought I was mad for doing it.

    • I think roller skating would have been a good starter for Kitten. She was NOT ok with how slippery ice is. She’s too much of a control freak for that ‘nonsense’.

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  5. DeBoe is 1-1 on the kids loving ice skating. Better than 0-2. 🙂

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