Indecision, Thy Name Is Preschooler

Dear Kitten,

It went down like this:

Kitten: I’m hungry. I’m sooo hungry. Mommy, I’m hungry!

Me: Ok, what would you like?

Kitten: Something. Some food.

Me: Wow, that is wildly unhelpful. How about I bring you some goldfish.

Kitten: No! I don’t want goldfish!

Me: Ok, well you can have cheese, yogurt, goldfish, or an apple.

Kitten: No, I don’t want those things!

Me: Well, what do you want?

Kitten: Something else.

Me: How about raisins, or apple sauce, goldfish, or fruit snacks?

Kitten: No!

Me: Kitten, these are your options, kid! What do you want?? You tell me.

Kitten:…I guess I want some goldfish.

Me: …

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