Coin Operated

Dear Kids,

When I was pregnant with Kitten, my mother gave me a necklace for Mother’s Day. It has a round pendant with the tree of life on it. The tree of life is a prominent Celtic symbol that means that everything is connected; the branches interconnecting with the roots. I love it!

For some reason children are obsessed with this pendant. Every child under three that I hold immediately grabs for it and attempts to shove it in my mouth like I’m some kind of coin operated fun machine. Every. Time.

I roll with this. I pretend to chew it up then spit it back out. Back in it goes. Back out it comes. Over and over.

I’m sure this is not what my mother had in mind when she gave me the necklace, but I find it so incredibly appropriate that children are attracted to and endlessly amused by my mother’s day gift. One day, when Kitten is carrying her first child, I will pass it on to her and – just like the tree of life – the branches will meet the roots.


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3 thoughts on “Coin Operated

  1. Mary Jones

    This is beautiful, Meg. Thank you.

  2. I’ve always been drawn to the tree of life. in fact, i got my mom something very similar for mothers day two years ago! It’s beautiful!

    • Thanks! I’ve always loved it too. I have a tattoo of it as well, but I got that well before I was a mom! Now that I am a mom, it just means so much more 🙂

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