Mrs. Clean (Living a Lie)

Dear Kids,

I am not a particularly messy person and I hate clutter. This is often mistake for being “clean”. Do not be fooled.

My name is Mom and I am a super lazy cleaner.

Mom confession: I would rather reorganize a huge pile of dirty dishes to appear smaller than actually wash the dishes. I would rather manually compact the trashcan with my entire body than have to take the trash out. I would rather put my son in his sister’s pants than do another load of laundry. I’d rather throw out everything in my way than take 26 things back to the 26 different places they belong.

Here’s my theory: Throw out all the things!! If you have less stuff, you have less things to clean and less things to clean around. If you have less stuff your house appears cleaner (the optical illusion that sparse=clean).

Unfortunately, no matter how much I would like to throw out all of the dishes and the laundry and the toys, in reality, I DO eventually clean. I HAVE to clean. But, because I  hate clutter and tend to throw everything away, it takes less time and effort.

…And child labor. Child labor helps too.

I find child labor is the key to a clean home.

I find child labor is the key to a clean home.

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3 thoughts on “Mrs. Clean (Living a Lie)

  1. Ha, love the picture! My mom would have has gather up all the clutter, put it in trash bags and hide it in her car before company came over…no joke!

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