You Rule! Valentines

You Rule! Valentines

I confess! I saw this on Pinterest and thought out was a great non-candy Valentine option. And sooo easy!

I printed up the ‘You Rule’ sentiments on card stock, 4 to a page. I cut them out and made small slits with a razor for the ruler to go through. Kitten wrote all her classmates names on her Valentines and I pinch-hit for Buddy.


Stick the rulers through and we were done!

You Rule Valentine

Happy Valentines Day!

Other Valentine’s Day to dos:

Valentine’s Apples

Lollipop Valentines!

I ❤ You Cookies

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7 thoughts on “You Rule! Valentines

  1. Terri Boris

    Hey Meg, You were either under the influence of something more fun that the tea I am presently drinking, or texting this from a “smart phone” that corrects spelling whether the result makes sense or not, OR you just want to see if anyone really reads your blog…testing us. What were you trying to say in the second paragraph? I suppose the other option is that I’m going senile and can’t make sense of something that’s perfectly clear to everyone else… Terri Or, Maybe you’re watching the Olympics while writing your blog?

  2. I’ve been gathering Pinterest ideas for Stella’s party on Friday. I found this awesome Vday popcorn drizzled with white chocolate, salt, and then pink and red sprinkles. Hopefully it works!

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