Arrr! Step Aboard Me Ark, Matey!

Dear Buddy,

Confession: I bought you this Noah’s ark at a consignment fair for a buck.


I took out all the animals and told you it was a pirate ship.


One day you will see this ark at a friend’s house sitting amongst that pile of toys parents keep for entertaining visiting toddlers, for ‘just in case’, or for sentimental reasons. You will say, “Hey, I had that pirate shop when I was a kid!” And I will be busted. Until then…win/win!



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3 thoughts on “Arrr! Step Aboard Me Ark, Matey!

  1. I’m probably crazy, but I’ve always felt that the Noah story was pretty macabre for little kids….all that flooding and death, yet it makes a swell nursery theme. Pirates are much better!!

    • You Arrrrr right!

    • Sure the story of the flood is difficult. But I’m not sure pirates are better. I think pirates should hold a spot in the macabre hall of fame – all that raping and pillaging and walking the plank…Maybe they could just be middle-aged men out for an afternoon of deep-sea fishing? LOL

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