My Weirdly Favorite Valentine’s Day Moment

Dear Buddy,

We went to Disney on Ice last night – not the romantic Valentine’s Day you would expect, but Daddy and I planned ahead and had our special night already.

It was spectacular! You were so engrossed. Every time a new character came out on the ice you went nuts. “Look! Look! Look who it is! I know who that is!” Adorable!

Personally, I used this special occasion as an excuse to indulge in my favorite concession treat: cotton candy. I am sad to say that I missed the first few minutes of the show while I stood in line to get it. I’m sure you were screaming “Mickey! Mickey!” at the top of your lungs. When I returned, triumphant, with the cotton candy you were too immersed to even notice I was there, much less with a treat.

I opened the bag and waved cotton candy in front of your face. Nothing. I dabbed it on your lips, thinking surely that you would open your mouth to receive the rare treat. Nothing. In a last ditch effort before I gave up and ate the whole bag myself, I opened your hand and shoved a piece of cotton candy in to it. I lifted your elbow and your instincts to it from there. Finally! You lifted the cotton candy to your lip and…wiped your nose with it. And handed it back to me.

Wha…? What just happened? Did you just blow your nose on…cotton candy??

I laughed for a solid five minutes. When I think about it now, I still laugh. You thought it was a tissue.

And, yes, I did feed it back to you later 😉

Edible tissues – I think we have something here!

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4 thoughts on “My Weirdly Favorite Valentine’s Day Moment

  1. Oh my goodness! Later Buddy is going to be so kicking himself.

  2. That is hilarious!

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