Coffee Maker

Dear Kids,

Making coffee: Mom vs. Dad

Dad: Dump out (most) of the old coffee grounds from the filter.
Mom: Dump out the old coffee grounds from the filter. Rinse filter thoroughly for two minutes.

Dad: Measure out specific number of scoops of coffee in to filter.
Mom: Dump an unspecific amount of coffee in to filter. Ask seven times if it looks “right”.

Dad: Fill (mostly) empty carafe with water. Pour slightly murky water in to machine.
Mom: Pour out any old coffee from carafe. Wash carafe with soap and water. Fill carafe until it looks “about right”.

Dad: Turn machine on.
Mom: Forget to turn machine on. Check the machine in 15 minutes and wonder why there is no coffee. Realize mistake and tell everyone that it’s just a slow coffee maker.

Now…who’s coffee would you rather drink?

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7 thoughts on “Coffee Maker

  1. Lol…bad coffee is better than no coffee hah.

  2. Sarah

    So mom should clean out the filter give to dad to put coffee grounds in. In the mean time mom is cleaning and filling carafe hands that to dad who pours and turns on machine. Either way I’m safe because I don’t drink coffee. 🙂

  3. I’d rather drink yours! We make it the same way…haphazardly dumping scoops in & all….

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