Notes from the Petri Dish

Dear Kids,

Last week we received the fifth – FIFTH – note from school regarding an outbreak of the biological kind. The fifth note in six school days! There was influenza, ring worm, strep and two rounds of head lice. Wonderful.

That’s it – I’m home-schooling you kids from now on!!

Ya, that’s not actually happening. Back in to your petri dish, kids!

What they need to do is Lysol bomb the school. If the astringent smell in the hallways after that fifth posting was any indicator, they actually may have. Even the teachers were giving the kids a wide berth…those germy, sticky, snotty kids. I can’t believe I willingly take two of them home every day. Gross!

Ack! Get away from them! They're gross!

Ack! Get away from them! They’re gross!

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3 thoughts on “Notes from the Petri Dish

  1. Last autumn we avoided all of the stomach flues, ring worms, lice etc but I thought our good luck backfired on us after Christmas when our kids got chicken pox, obviously after each other and not the same time. When they were both healthy again and I took them to daycare, I heard that there had actually been the nastiest stomach flue going around, which we escaped. I thought “too bad chicken pox won’t save us from that another time!” …and today there was again a note telling about ringworms. This definitively is the thing that sucks most about daycare!

  2. RINGWORM?! Just reading that gave me the shivers. Why must children be little walking germs (and ringworm hosts, apparently)?

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