Bread Bites: Sweet or Savory

Bread Bites

I love me a good soft pretzel and I have been looking for awhile now for a good homemade pretzel recipe that doesn’t require a lot of…you know…work.

This is kind of a lazy man’s recipe for bread bites, which are not pretzels, but definitely satisfy that craving and are so easy to make.

First, you’ll need a tube of Pillsbury French bread (located where all the other Pillsbury dough products are at the store). Next, I cut the dough in to little bites:


This next step plumps up the bites quite nicely. I threw them in to boiling water for 45 seconds. The kids liked watching them plump up and look, we even got a smiley face:


I took them out and set them on a paper towel on top of a towel to drain:


Next, I popped them into the oven at 375° for about 20 minutes. They came out nice and golden on top:


Here’s the best part. Butter up those bad boys and then either salt them or roll them in cinnamon and sugar. Or batches of both!


They are soooo good! Me and the family ate all of them in one sitting! Ok, so I ate most of them, but my family at least got to taste them 😉


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7 thoughts on “Bread Bites: Sweet or Savory

  1. Terri Boris

    Yum!!! I’ll have to try those. I do have a recipe for pretzels that I used to bake with my students if you’re interested, I can dig it out of the box in the garage? Parents often used it at their kid’s parties too. As I remember, it seemed pretty easy…

  2. Oh my gosh I could totally go for some of those cinnamon sugar bites right now! Especially with some Auntie Anne’s glaze dip! Ooooo!!!! Raisins! They need raisins! Nom, nom, nom….I’m hungry. 😮 )

  3. Yum…I’m pinning this too! I wonder if Pillsbury sells pretzel dough? If not, they should

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