My First Author Interview!

Right on the heels of my first publication, J is for Jesus, is my first author interview! It is featured in the most recent issue of Momentum magazine:

Momentum Article_Interview with the Author

Excerpts from the interview – just in case you can’t read the 0.05 font above – appear below:

Momentum Magazine: How did this book come about?
Meg DeBoe: I had just self-published my fourth book [I Love You When You’re Stinky] and was showing it to Kathy Mears [executive director, Elementary Department for NCEA]. While she was flipping through it, Kathy just looked up at me and said, “I want to publish a children’s book. I want you to write it.” About a year later she was flipping through this new book, J is for Jesus.

MM: Did your own children inspire the book?
MD: Definitely. My kids are my guinea pigs; my built-in focus group. I thought about them every step of the process, because your children will be very honest with you if they don’t like it.

MM: Why were certain images selected – Eve for “E” for example?
MD: The short answer is phonics. We wanted this to be a teaching tool for parents and teachers, so we made sure that the initial sounds of each word are conducive to that.

Get your copy now at!

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4 thoughts on “My First Author Interview!

  1. I’m so happy for you! Congrats on the publish and the interview! what’s next, a book tour? I’d come see you at Barnes and Noble.

  2. Terri Boris

    I’m so proud of you Meg. As soon as it’s available on Amazon, I’m buying one. At least. Love you!

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