Bird feeders

Bird Feeders

It’s getting to be that time again! The birds are starting to chirp, which means they are bird friends who might like a treat after their long flights back home. Kitten and I tested out some homemade bird feeders.

The first was the popular classroom go-to: toilet paper rolls and peanut butter. Super easy to make and fun stuff!


Roll, roll, roll!

I cut a hanger so we could hang them out on a tree for the birdies.



Next, we tried something I thought I read somewhere, but it’s quite possible I made it up. Either way, it worked! We poured bird seed in to a cake pan, then added just enough water to make half of the seeds float. We stuck it in the freezer and got:


A solid disk of birdseed!

I bent a hanger around it and hung it on a tree for the birds. It was just around freezing outside when we did this, so it stayed solid for quite awhile. This probably wouldn’t work so well in the hot summer unless the birds ate fast.


And it's so pretty!

Totally easy bird feeders for a great weekend activity and a fun way to help out our bird friends. Win!

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One thought on “Bird feeders

  1. What a fun way to keep the kids entertained and learning about nature at the same time. Kudos.

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