Breaking Records…with Your Face

Dear Buddy,

You fell in the school parking lot yesterday afternoon. At least…I assume you did. You were standing there right next to me – standing, not walking or running – and then you weren’t. You were just on the pavement, crying.

What happened?? I’m still not sure. In any case, you stood up with a decent shiner:


How did you get so much road rash without moving?? And have you heard about using your hands to stop a fall – not your face??

It turned out to be less dramatic than it looks. You went on and on in the car about the bandaid you were going to get. And, after it was finally applied, you were all smiles and giggles again.


In it goes to the ‘booboo file’. Last year you racked up 5 significant entries in to the booboo file – all of them on your face. You’re on track this year to hit that with ease. Please stop trying to break records!

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19 thoughts on “Breaking Records…with Your Face

  1. That’s a good one. Usually when my kids end up on the ground silently, you can’t count it as a boo-boo. Just a boo, the kind a kiss will heal. That was a silent but deadly with need for bandaid. That’s something special.

  2. I had one who came in with a black eye from walking into a corn picker. The next day he was showing his cousin what happened, walked into the corn picker again, and blacked the other eye. I was afraid to send him to school for a few days looking like that, but he was telling his friends about it, so they considered him a hero of some type for repeating the same accident twice, but on different sides. Go figure.

    • I definitely get self-conscious sending him to school sometimes! Thankfully, he has gotten a few shiners on school property too, so at least they know what I’m dealing with!

  3. findingcoopersvoice

    That is a good one! The first time my son fell and scraped his face I was heartbroken. I remember my girlfriend who has older boys was like, ‘he left a little skin on the field. Totally a boy thing!’ I loved it!

    • (Fingers crossed and knocking on wood simultaneously) At least we haven’t been to the ER yet! …I’ve just doomed myself, haven’t I?

    • Thank goodness for other parents of little boys! They totally get it! Parents with only daughters look horrified when he bites and then gets right back up, bites it again, then gets back up again. They say, “Is he ok??” I’m like, “What? That? That’s nothing!”

  4. Poor little dude!!
    And those mysterious “how the hell did you trip on nothing while not even walking” incidents are the worst. I always get paranoid that someone will see the resulting injury, ask how it happened, and begin to immediately suspect me when I say “Oh, it’s nothing. He/she tripped over nothing at all.”

    • Yes! Exactly! When his teachers asked me about it the next day, I was literally sweating. Thankfully, they know him well enough to know this is par for the course for him. Oy!

  5. Well scars are still considered manly, so that’s probably ok (as long as nobody asks him when he’s a manly man how he got it and he has to admit than he kind of just fell over in the car park when he was little – but you can help him with the story later on).

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