Quintet of Radiance

…doesn’t that have a nice ring to it? Quintet of Radiance. Niiiice.

I’ve been honored with blogging award quintuplets:


I was nominated by the quick-witted naptimethoughts, who also recently nominated me for a Liebster Award, which I am remiss in addressing. While I am catching up on belated nominations, Kentucky Angel also nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award. Here goes a lot of accepting all at once!

For the Quintet of Radiance I have to describe myself using the alphabet. By-the-way, did I mention I just published an alphabet book? How apropos!

Archivist – I am the family historian for my little immediate family, my father’s family, my husband’s family, and often my mother’s family. I am addicted to ancestry.com and have traced my roots in some branches as far back as the first century. I am the keeper of the family bible and various other tomes I have wrapped in plastic in acid-free containers in my home. Do not mistake archiving with sentimentality; I am not unduly sentimental. I throw out my children’s artwork on a daily basis, keeping only conservatively selected pieces which demonstrate a milestone and adding it to a modest scrapbook. In my heart, I am a chucker. But, when I save, I save for the long run in a well-organized manner.

Basketball – I don’t follow basketball or even play it very well, but I did enjoy being on the team in junior-high. I played for 2 years and made 1 (ONE) glorious basket in my entire basketball ‘career’ the last year I played. It was like something out of an after school special, though. The ball swished its way through the net and the crowd went nuts! People stood up and cheered for me! Parents of other kids charged the court to pat me on the back. It was spectacular J

Crafty – I get irritable if I haven’t been creative in over 48 hours. When desperate I will reorganize random drawers in the house or steal a child’s coloring book.

Dog-lover – At least, I used to be. And then I got an actual dog. Ugh.

Eggs – I craved egg-salad when I was pregnant with Buddy. My mother, who worked with me at the time, was kind enough to make me two egg-salad sandwiches almost every day. It was awesome. Buddy was born and…is allergic to eggs. Go figure.

Fickle? – I have been accused of not being able to make up my mind. This is often mistaken for being fickle, when it’s really that I don’t care.

Goal-oriented – I wanted to teach, so I went back to school and got my license. I wanted to be an author so I published my own books until I was commissioned to write professionally. Sometimes you go with the flow, sometimes you row.

Hungry – I’m a huge snacker; I’m like a grazing cow. Don’t ask me if I’m hungry – the answer is YES.

Inked – I have three tattoos. I got them when I was in college at the tender ages of 18, 19, and 20. I wanted to get one every year of college, but I couldn’t think of anything that last year, and I don’t believe in getting something inked permanently on your body just to keep a streak going. Once of these days I may get another. Maybe when I’ve got grandkids; it’ll make my kids roll their eyes and my grandkids think I’m the coolest old lady ever!

Jerry-rig – I’m the queen of the stop-gap. “That’ll hold…for a while.” I can fix many things…as long as you don’t need it to last forever. I have a degree in theater; anything only needed to look good for four weeks from 30 feet.

Knock-out – I have had two concussions in my lifetime and it hasn’t effedded me won bet.

Laugh – If we can’t laugh together, we can’t be friends.

Meg – Not Megan, Meghan, or Meagan. Just Meg. Margaret if you are the IRS or my agitated mother.

Night-owl – I used to be at my most creative and most energetic at night. I got some of my best work done after midnight sometimes. Of course, now that I am a parent with children that wake up by 7am no matter what time I went to bed, this is seldom the case. I have great plans to be creative after the kids go to bed, but then once they are finally asleep I am just so drained; so done with the day. I just sit there with a glass of wine and think, “wasn’t I going to do something?”

Ocean – I’m not a big fan of being wet, so even when I go to the beach I often do not get in to the ocean. However, I really love sea life; I am fascinated by it. I am a shark-week devotee and I have this place on my bucket list:

Conrad Hotels & Resorts, Maldives Rangali Island

Conrad Hotels & Resorts, Maldives Rangali Island

Puppets – My father is a ventriloquist. Growing up he would do birthday parties, church bazaars, and children’s camps. When I was two years old my father introduced me to his vent doll (think Charlie McCarthy or Jeff Dunham). It was a doll the same size as me, with articulate mouth, eyebrows, and ears. I literally wet myself. Besides that, though, I actually enjoyed being the puppeteer’s daughter. I knew how to set up the puppet booth, how to operate the sound effects, and how to properly store all the different puppets. I knew (and still know) all the words to the songs he would sing to warm up the crowd. I knew the secrets behind all the magic tricks he did for a complete show. I got to go to birthday parties with him as his ‘assistant’ and I always got sent him with a cupcake and a goodie bag. Life was good as the puppeteer’s daughter. And it was certainly a unique childhood!

Quiet – It’s not that I don’t have anything to say – obviously that’s not true – it’s that my volume is low. I sound so loud to myself that I often don’t realize that most people can’t hear me very well. This was particularly bad when my boss refused to wear his hearing aids. Good times.

Realistic – I took that ‘How many days would you last in a zombie apocalypse?’ quiz and I scored higher than a lot of my friends because I left my family in the dirt once they’d been bitted. Those two minutes gazing into the eyes of your loved one while they slowly turn in to a brain-hungry feeding machine are two minutes you could be collecting all the tools in the shed for your take-no-prisoners rampage of the living dead. Plus, I also said I’d behead them. What?? Does getting eaten by your sister sound any better? All the mushy romantics are going to be dead while me and my shovel celebrate the zombie-annihilation with victory Twinkies.

Silly – I think this is the highest compliment you can pay someone. Why on earth would you want to live life without silliness?

Tired – I’m a mom, what did you expect?

Un-hormonal – I experienced true hormones when I was pregnant for the first time. Holy hell! I hated having so many and often conflicting emotions at the same time. I don’t know how women with regular PMS do it. I would probably be in jail right now if I had that level of hormones all the time.

Veritable – Firstly, I just really like this word; it’s fun to say, right? Secondly, I’m an honest person. Besides the fact that I don’t lie well in the first place, I also don’t like to because I am really proud of being a trustworthy person.

Writer – I love to write and always have. I was hooked when I wrote a short story in grade school that made my mother cry. I was flattered when a new teacher in high school thought I must have plagiarized a paper but was then told by another teacher that I was just good. I was heady with power when I wrote a purposely fictitious paper in college on the malignant effects of paperclips on the ozone and several people thought it was legitimate. Now I write for me and I get goose bumps when someone hands me a copy of a book I wrote and asks, “Will you sign this for me?”

Xi – I can recite the Greek alphabet and I was in an honorary theatre fraternity in college – that’s right, I’m a frat girl!

Yellow – The color we dressed my daughter in for the first year of her life because we didn’t want to know the sex of the baby beforehand, so all the clothes we got were: yellow. Oddly, even though we didn’t know what Buddy would be either, his clothes were mostly green. Ironically, we painted Kitten’s room green and Buddy’s yellow before they were born.

Zoner – A constant nickname that has followed me my whole life. I owe it to my “ability” to tune out the entire world if a television is on within a 5 yard radius. It’s as embarrassing as it sounds.

<wheh!> That was a lot! I hope some of you are still reading, because here are my nominations. There wasn’t a limit for the Quintet of Radiance, but five seems like an appropriate number:

1. Finding Cooper’s Voice

2. Solo Mama

3. Zen, Sarcasm and Gratitude

4. Dramatic Momologue

5. Dear #$&!% Baby

and…6. (because I can’t follow my own directions) The Adventures of Fanny P.

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10 thoughts on “Quintet of Radiance

  1. Con grats x5! Good alphabet too.

  2. Congratulations. You deserve every one of them.

  3. Thank you!

  4. Congratulations to you, one of my favorite bloggers! And thank you for nominating me! I feel privileged to be among good writers like you!

  5. findingcoopersvoice

    Congrats to you lady. I love reading your posts! And thanks for nominating me too. I am going to do this today. Finding free hours in the day has been getting harder. I love your alphabet!

    • Can’t wait to read your alphabet too! It’s a pleasure reading your blog. Especially because my “Buddy’s” real name is also Cooper 😉

      • findingcoopersvoice

        I love it! When we were picking names for the little prince I fell in love with Cooper instantly. I just pictured this little ‘Dennis the Menace’ running around. And boy did I get it.

      • Ha! Yup, that sounds like our Cooper too 🙂

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