Snow Fatigue

Dear Obnoxious Weather,

I’m all for snowed-in mornings with a cup of hot coffee and all day to work on a puzzle; afternoons snuggled up with my kiddos next to the fireplace; and evenings roasting marshmallows while watching a family movie. Sounds great!

But, I’m done.

I have snuggled, roasted, and puzzled and it has lost its novelty. The snow needs to go. It is Spring, damn it.

We have had snow from Kitten’s birthday in early December, to nearly Buddy’s birthday in early April. This has got to stop!

December: Look, snow! Yippee!

December: The first snow! Yippee!


January: Sledding is awesome!

January: Sledding is awesome!


February: Snow on Valentine's Day? Ok, I'll roll with that.

February: Snow on Valentine’s Day? Ok, I’ll roll with that.


March: Snow on St. Patrick's Day? F-you, snow. I had plans!!

March: Snow on St. Patrick’s Day? F-you, snow.


Just go, snow. And take this blasted chill with you.

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6 thoughts on “Snow Fatigue

  1. I lost my dwarf apple tree sometime in december. I’s still out there, somewhere, covered in snow. (sniffle) It should be budding by now.

  2. I’ve definitely turned angry at this relentless winter. But then, I’m never the sort who celebrates the first snowflakes that fall, either. I’m a horrible winter dweller and I really do need to move somewhere tropical. Up here in Toronto they’re calling for 2 more weeks of old man winter. We shall see….

  3. Here’s to normal seasons!

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