Secret Passages…In My Mind

Dear Kids,

When I was a kid (about ages 4 through far too old) I firmly believed there were secret passages in my house.

The living room of the house I grew up in was the heart of the home in terms of flow; access to the front door, staircase, dining room and kitchen. If you wanted a central location from which to spy observe the goings on of the household – the living room was your spot.

I would sit there and watch my mom bring the laundry upstairs. Moments later I’d hear her making lunch in the kitchen. Wha??

I would sit there and watch my dad go outside to mow the lawn. Moments later he’d come down the stairs wearing a different t-shirt. Wait a sec!!

I was convinced there was a secret passage in the house and I committed myself to finding it. I put my ear to the walls, I banged on studs, I pulled books off shelves, I stomped on floors, and I poked ceilings with broom handles. Years of house inspection and still…no joy. My parents defiantly continued to weave their way around the house without a fig for physics or occupying proper space/time continuums.

I confronted my father. “Is there a secret passage in this house?”

He responded coyly, “Maaaaybe.”

I cornered my mother. “Where is the secret passage??”

She rolled her eyes. “Meg, have you ever considered that maybe you’re just not paying attention? I walked past you about 6 times today and you didn’t even blink.”

She left me standing there with my mouth open. Shocked.

My own mother. Covering up something as important as a secret passage. So disappointing!

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11 thoughts on “Secret Passages…In My Mind

  1. Ceil Fessler

    I love this one Meg. And, I think your Mother was probably right!

  2. When I was 6 we moved to an old school together with my cousins. The house was huge and contained 3 apartments, 3 classrooms, an attic and a basement partly with dirt floors and loads of corridors. It took us loooong to explore the whole house. We actually did find a door in one of the bathrooms that somebody had put wall paper over (!), a hidden trap door to the roof top and and a not-accounted for room in the basement. THAT was exciting!

  3. PS My parents have revealed to me that they where not quite as pleased about some of the discoveries we made later on…

    • I bet! 😉 My father was thrilled I thought their was a secret passage. He had actually looked in to putting one in when they did a renovation, but it wasn’t feasible. When he retired a moved to a new house, putting in a secret door was one of the first things he did! 🙂

  4. The house I grew up in actually had a secret passage upstairs. My older brother found it, showed it to me, and every Christmas after that we would go in there and see what Santa was bringing us. When I finally told mom about it a couple of years ago she stared at me and asked how on earth we ever found it. Of course I told her Tony did it, then showed it to me. Heard her usual answer to every remark — he was a good kid until you started getting him in trouble.

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