Love Life

Dear Kids,

Yesterday was Daddy’s and my anniversary. We have been married 7 years! Yesterday evening I got out our wedding album and curled up on the couch with Kitten. We got about 4 pages in before she realized there weren’t going to be any pictures of her and she suddenly lost interest. Thanks a lot!

To celebrate our day, Daddy and I both took off work. We didn’t have any plans; we just wanted to relax and enjoy some time together…without kids!

In the morning we actually went separate ways. Daddy took you two to daycare and then we broke off to do errands.

It wasn’t exactly a celebratory morning. Nothing says Happy Anniversary like…

Registering your 5 year-old for kindergarten.
Watching a matronly old woman steal oranges at the grocery store.
Getting hit on by a stock clerk in the soda aisle (I’ve still got it!).
Reorganizing your new kitchen cabinets.

It was a productive morning, if not romantic. Thankfully, the afternoon was much more what we had in mind. We went out to a new restaurant for lunch and had a fantastic meal complete with adult beverages (I always feel like such a rebel drinking in the middle of the day!). Next, we did a little ‘child free’ shopping! You don’t feel the absence of your offspring more then when they AREN’T begging for every colorful thing and running off in every direction. It was soooo relaxing! We capped off our day with naps. It was so perfect I could have cried :’)

The day was beautiful! Spring had finally started to muscle its way back in. We picked up the children and they played outside for a solid hour before dinner. Then they gifted us with what every parent really wants for any occasion: they ate peacefully at the table and had seconds of vegetables – Miracle!

It was a great day. I have a great husband. He is a great father. I hope I get to spend the rest of my life appreciating that 🙂

love & laughter

love & laughter

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2 thoughts on “Love Life

  1. Congrats! Your day off sounds a bit like ours though, one just has to take advantage of the time to run errands without the little entourage… glad there was a bit more romance later on, it is good for you!

  2. Congrats!! That does sound like a blissful day.

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