Mutt of Mutts

Dear Charlie,

What the heck are you??

Are you a German shepherd mix with that black face? Are you a Spitz with that curly tail? Some sort of Alpine breed with your love of snow? A Retriever mix with your love of retrieving? What??

Well, my furry friend, in 2-3 short weeks we shall KNOW! Thanks to Wisdom Panel 2.0! A little cheek scrubbing with the test swabs and we sent away to find out what the heck you are.

You were the only boy in a 4 puppy litter. You had one brown sister, one black sister, and one black sister with a white bib. You were the only brindled one. The rescue we got you from did not have your mother or father. Complete mystery pup.

The rescue guessed that you were a German shepherd/lab mix. We’ve heard a LOT of guesses. From the pet food clerk to the neighbors next door. Everyone thinks they KNOW what you are.

So, I invite you! Make your BEST GUESS! What breed(s) is this dog?? Answer revealed in 2-3 weeks.

Puppy at 6 wks

Puppy at 6 wks

Puppy at 3 mos

Puppy at 3 mos

Puppy at 5 mos

Puppy at 5 mos


Puppy at 6 mos

Puppy at 6 mos

Leave your guess in the comments below!


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11 thoughts on “Mutt of Mutts

  1. Mary Jones

    Noreigian Elkhound/Golden Retriever mix. – Mary Jones

  2. 10% boxer, 15% chow chow (or equilavent Asian breed) 10% shepherd and 65% unknown.

  3. Oh, and 20% retriever. You can just add that in. 120%.

  4. Ceil Fessler

    His face looks like it may have some Lab in him, but I’m at a loss for the rest of his body and his coloring. Can’t wait to see what you end up having!

  5. Would just plain cute work? The 6 weeks photo looked a lot like the pure bred German Shepherds we had, but then he started growing up. The feet still could be G.S. but I have no idea about the rest of him, except for the face. The ears are not German Shepherd, but the face still may be. Who knows, who cares. You get a dog for love and companionship, not for it’s breeding.

    • Very true! We are still wondering how big he’s going to get, though. A lot of breeds excel in certain areas and get a lot of enjoyment out of certain training or activities, and we want to know more about that.

  6. If I guess I’ll just embarrass myself. Can’t wait to find out, though!

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