Dear Kitten,

As most little girls do at some point, you developed a desire for pretty painted nails. Not just any color would do, however – oh no! You wanted all of them.

I happily purchased you 5 shades of nail polish – one for each digit. It was the brightest manicure you’ve ever seen.

It was a hot second before you went from wanting your nails painted, to wanting to paint everyone else’s nails: Kitten’s nail spa. One treatment offered.

So, when my cousin and Mimi both came over this weekend, you could barely contain your excitement at so many new customers! They graciously sat for you and then visited your assistant (me) for a little touch up (read: narrowing the field of paint to just the nail).

Then, it was my turn. Confession: I don’t like having painted nails.

I managed to brush you off for nearly two days. I thought I was in the clear. I thought you had forgotten.




They’re going to love this at work…

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  1. I just love that! At least you have nice nails. Mine are…not. So when Evie starts asking to paint mine, I might just have to say: “toes only”. lol

    • I still have polish on my toes from her last pedicure, so I was backed in to a corner. Manicure or nothing…and she wouldn’t take nothing. The things we do…

  2. I can’t wait for this, myself. Stella loves to have her nails done, but has yet to offer her services.

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