My Children Are In-bred

Dear Kids,

Recently, I discovered through genealogy research that your father and I are related…distantly. Like more than 25 generations distantly. But still – there it is! It probably explains Buddy’s third nipple…

DeBoe is not such a common last name. In fact, Buddy, you are the last hope for this branch of the DeBoe name to carry on. No pressure 😉

There are about a million spellings for DeBoe: Dubo, Diebo, Dubow, Debo, Des Baux, DuBois…it goes on. This makes genealogy tracking a tad more difficult (thank you, Ellis Island). However, I have been able to track your father’s family back to Germany to a fellow who was a known French Huguenot (French citizens who fled the country to escape religious persecution, many who came to America via Germany). This, along with family lore, genealogy research of other DeBoe families, and a solid history lesson, connects the American DeBoes with the French Des Bauxs.

I proudly presented my husband’s family with this information. “You are French! And almost certainly of noble association back in the day…waaaaay back in the day.” They were pleased.

Satisfied with my work, I dove back into my side of the family tree…and discovered that my 17th great grandmother is Marguerite Des Baux…of THE French Des Bauxs. Escuse moi?

The whole royal Des Baux line spilled out before me, and I a direct descendant. Score! Who knew?? I was already a DeBoe! Somehow I feel less like I took my husband’s name and more like I reclaimed it. It’s actually quite empowering!

So, kids, there you have it – all the scandal but none of those awkward genetic side-effects. Congratulations, you’re twice over a DeBoe.

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9 thoughts on “My Children Are In-bred

  1. Haha fabulous, that’s destiny if ever I witnessed it!! 😉 xx

  2. Ceil Fessler

    This is really interesting Meg. You never know what you’ll find out. Now if we could only find a missing Grandfather…

  3. That is really funny. I’ve been thinking lately about looking into our family tree. Maybe I’ll leave it alone.

  4. What a coincidence! Amazing what you find when you dig. Luckily, it seems to have been in the distant-enough past…

  5. In researching my family tree I found out that my wife and I are 10th cousins. Just shows you never know what you will find when doing genealogy.

  6. This is really neat. Geneology makes me so curious, but it is my understanding it is a lot of work. How long did it take you to track this far back?

    • It’s been a hobby of mine for awhile. Some weeks I get obsessed with it, and then I’ll go a few months without doing anything. Sometimes it’s super easy and sometimes you dig and dig and get nothing. Using a site like makes it very easy. I highly recommend it! You just load in the people you already know in your family as far back as you know and then let it search its database for connections. Cool beans!

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