Curiousity Killed My Sinuses

Dear Kids,

You two used to get ear infections regularly – like any kid. They stopped for both of you just shy of needing tubes put in, thank goodness. But, they also stopped just shy of you being able to talk to me about them. What did an ear infection feel like? I wanted to know!

Be careful what you wish for.

Karma/Murphy’s Law/God’s sense of humor (your choice)…gifted me with a sinus infection and a whopper of an ear infection…while I was working a convention…and had to then fly home. Lucky me.

I was curious about ear infections, but I didn’t necessarily want to experience one while working 12 hour days, sleeping in a hotel room, and then having to go up in a pressurized airplane.

Here’s the word: they suck. They make you tired, you feel like your whole head is stuck in a cotton ball, and it feels like someone is blowing up a balloon inside your sinus cavity, right behind your eardrum. Good times.

Now I know why you guys got so cranky, so clingy, and so lethargic. This much irritation for a little one must be pretty overwhelming. The good news is, I started taking my antibiotic just two hours ago and I am already starting to feel better. My ears just opened up and I can finally hear clearly for the first time in 7 days – Woo hoo!

So, if you were ever curious what an ear infection feels like, don’t go looking for trouble – just ask me!

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5 thoughts on “Curiousity Killed My Sinuses

  1. Mary Jones

    I have missed your posts so much, Meg. Glad to have you home and feeling (a little bit) better. BTW, you also have a sinus infection, which about triples the issues for the ear infection. Feel better!

  2. ugh. will do. That does not sound fun.

  3. Funny. I have a scar on my shoulder from a heating pad blister from sleeping on it with an ear infection. The last one I got was in conjunction with mono when I was a sophomore in high school. I can feel that misery as if it were yesterday! Glad you’re better!

  4. Oh yeah – I had one once (before kids) and they’re horrible. I still remember. Get well soon! (Sounds like you’re already on the way.)

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