My First Book Signing

Dear Kids,

I had my first book signing!! It was very exciting, even if they weren’t lining up around the block. Regardless, they sold out of the book at the convention and there were even more orders placed for direct shipping. Woo hoo!

The coolest part was when I was approached by a convention volunteer. She looked at my name badge, over at a display copy of the book, back at my name badge…”That’s you! Is that you? Did you write this?” Once confirmed she kinda yelped. “That’s so cool! I gotta go get my copy! Will you sign it for me? This is so cool! I love that book! Ok, wait here!”

She geeked out…over me. ME! Wha-?? I’m geeking out over her geeking out!




Me and my brilliant illustrator!

J is for Jesus is available online at the publisher’s store. Available soon are the classroom poster and flashcards. Look for our next book on counting in the Fall!

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18 thoughts on “My First Book Signing

  1. Mary Jones

    Ha! Geeking out over being Geeked out over! Only you, Meg.

  2. Haha congratulations Ms. Famous!! 😀 xx

  3. Terri Boris

    So, Meg. If I send you the money, will you sign a copy for me and send it out with Mary? Please??? (Can’t remember how much, so you could pad the price and I’d never know…) Terri

  4. AAACK!!! I’m geeking out over you geeking out over her geeking out!!! That’s awesome! Way to be famous!

  5. Well done, that’s pretty cool!! 🙂

  6. Really neat Meg. Congratulations!!!!

  7. Bart

    Well, the word is out here in Belgrade! Congratulations, DD2.

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