What the – ??

Dear Kitten,

Recently you have taken to saying, “What the -??” A lot. Several times a day.

Last Sunday after hearing you say it for the umpteenth time, Buddy finally had it and decided to correct you.

Kitten: Where’s my doll?? What the – ??

Buddy: No, Kitten! What the HELL!!

Thanks, Buddy, for clearing that up. It’s certainly more important that Kitten finish her sentences than not swear. Priorities and all…

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11 thoughts on “What the – ??

  1. Sometimes I think we live parallel lives.

    • Ha! We’re not the only ones 😉 My sister called me just two days ago to tell me how my niece has started mumbling ‘damn it’ under her breath constantly.

  2. Dennis Joyner

    Hi Meg…Too funny! We used to get our mouths washed out w/soap! Same for our kids. Lord…what an awful taste…there’s nothing else quite like it. Anyway, nowdays I think it’s funny tho I’m sure you are trying to figure out another way to correct! There probably isn’t one! LOL! Anyway…reason for my email…my cousin Larry has done many hrs of research on both sides of our family…the DeBoe’s (my grandfather’s side) and the Jennings (my grandmother’s side). He knows of no royalty on the DeBoe side; however, we are definitely we are related to royalty on my grandmother’s side…straight back to Anne Boleyn and Henry the VIII. Our dna line began with Mary Boleyn (Anne’s sister) whose daughter, Mary Catherine Carey, was most likely fathered by Henry VIII. Mary was married to William Carey at the time of her birth; however, she had a liason going with Henry VIII at the same time and Henry did not like sharing his women with anyone…not even the husbands. (Look up Mary Boleyn Part Two – The Kings Children?) Anyway, I tried to email you on Meg DeBoe, etc and it came back. If you send me a current email I will send it to you. Hugs, Aunt ‘Nita PS: Will mail you the research on the Deboe side. You will definitely get a kick out of America DeBoe. Our last name really should be Brooks!

  3. Ours do the same thing! I’m totally winning parenting awards for my toddlers’ language. 🙂

    • I’d love to follow your blog, but don’t see a ‘follow’ option – help!

      • I’m not sure why it’s so hard to follow my blog, sorry! Apparently if you go to your WordPress “blogs I follow” reader and search for Chica Chica Babies, it will pull up and you can follow it from there. 🙂

      • Will do!

  4. That is hilarious. You’re lucky to have such a helpful son!

  5. I’m not much of a curser, so mine have been saying “Freakin’ A!” for several years now. Still, makes me proud. :/

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