To Lamp, With Apologies…

Dear kids,

When I was a child I ran in to things…a lot. Every time I ran into something my father – kind, sensitive man that he was – would immediately check on the condition of…the thing I ran in to.

Me: Ouch!
Dad: Is the table ok?

Me: Ouch!
Dad: The wall! Is that a dent?

Me: Ouch!
Dad: How’s the chair? Did it suffer any damage?? That’s my favorite chair! Call a carpenter!!

…my father had a bend toward the dramatic which has not lessened with age, as you can see below.

End result: To this day I apologize to furniture when I bump in to it.

I’m not sure if this makes me the strange one or him, but either way the genetics don’t play out well for you two…

Understated...that's Dad.

Understated…that’s Dad.

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2 thoughts on “To Lamp, With Apologies…

  1. Your dad sounds fun!

    • He is definitely unique! Did I mention he’s in to ventriloquism and magic? Not your ordinary childhood! 😉

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