She’s with Me

Dear Buddy,

Picking you up from school yesterday, a little girl walked up to you as I zipped up your jacket. You turned from me and gave her a big ‘ol hug. Awwww!

As we walked away I asked, “Buddy, who’s that?”

“Dat Em. Dat mine.”

“Oh really? That’s your girlfriend?”

“Ya, dat mine.”

Well, ok then.

I went up to his teacher and said, “I just meet Buddy’s girlfriend, Em.”

“Em? Oh, she’s everybody’s girlfriend. All the boys are sweet on her.”

Is that so?


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6 thoughts on “She’s with Me

  1. My son has at least four girlfriends. He’s a hussy too. Poor Buddy, someday he’s going to realize that she doesn’t really love him. (Sigh)

  2. My daughter got married on a slide when she was 2,5 years. Her husband promised to take her on a honeymoon by lego plane.

    • Lol! My daughter’s “boyfriend” told his Mom, “she doesn’t even have to learn to cook, cuz I’ll cook for her.” I said, keep that one, honey!!

  3. LOL! This cracked me up. I had no idea children that little had “girlfriends”. So freakin’ cute.

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